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24/10/2019 · Sometimes when we are building large applications, we might want to use jQuery plugins or jQuery functionality to do things that aren’t possible in React. The advantage of using React is that each component can maintain its own state independent of other components. Since many web apps are. How to use jQuery with React the right way Before I begin this tutorial, let me preface by stating what’s been written multiple times in regards to using jQuery with React: You shouldn’t do it. There are hundreds of posts everywhere on the web telling you the pitfalls of using jQuery with React and I completely agree with all those reasons. React follows a declarative approach, and using it you can work at a much higher level. jQuery or the native browser APIs should not really be used when building.

React is clearly the winner when it comes to the number of third-party libraries available. Ease of Use. This one in the jQuery vs React debate is a little difficult to answer. Why? Because jQuery and React are used for different things. jQuery is great for adding some flair to a website. 31/03/2018 · Sometimes when building large scale applications may be you need to use jQuery plugins or a piece of jQuery functionality. When it’s not possible/very tough to write in React and you haven’t got anyway.

Exploring a practical example of an approach how to use jQuery plugin in a React app. The plan is to create a React component that manages the jQuery plugin.
17/09/2016 · jQuery in this context usually refers to DOM scripting, where events and UI updates happen in the browser DOM. Because React handles events directly and uses a virtual DOM, in theory using React should mean you simply don't need to use jQuery as well.

29/02/2016 · In this function, another React component function gets called — this.setState. This is the “magic” function in React that allows you to update and modify your app. Updating this.state directly is BAD — don’t do it, just don’t. Your app will be unhappy and your users will have sad faces while trying to use. Please, please, please don't. I have written multiple large-scale production apps in React and have found no use case where I truly needed jQuery. First off, it's a huge library. If you think you need jQuery for that one “critical” feature or Ajax. To use Reactstrap in our React application, 2.1 Install Reactstrap. First, we need to install the Install Reactstrap and its peer dependencies via NPM. npm install bootstrap --save npm install reactstrap react react-dom --save 2.2 Import Bootstrap. Now we can import the individual Reactstrap components that we need in our application UI.

importButtonfrom 'reactstrap'; Now you are ready to use the imported reactstrap components within your component hierarchy defined in the render method. Here is an example App.js redone using reactstrap. CDN. Reactstrap can be included directly in your application's bundle or excluded during compilation and linked directly to a CDN.

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