Mad Max Waterworld //

Would it be possible for mad max and water world to be in the same movie universe? The world is a big place and if max's continent is by some science mcguffin is spared from rising sea levels, the rest of the ocean planet is big enough you could have people assume that the entire world is water. Waterworld foi co-escrito por David Twohy, que citou Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior como uma grande inspiração. Ambos os filmes empregaram Dean Semler como diretor de fotografia. Durante a produção, o filme foi atormentado por uma série de excedentes de custos e contratempos na produção. [17].

Muita gente chega a dizer que Waterworld é quase um plágio de Mad Max, em vez de desertos temos água infinita, inclusive isso é bem enfatizado pelo Jovem Nerd, no nerdcast que citamos no inicio do post. A crítica também aponta que foi neste filme que iniciou o declínio na carreira do ator Kevin Costner. Anyone else feeling it? That it would be really cool if they made an Waterworld themed game with the mechanics of this Mad Max game. Replace cars with ships and there's the premise. It could even cut some development time by going Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon route where the actual DLC/second game utilizes FC3 assets and runs on same engine. I would love a Mad Max sequel. As repetitive as it was I had a blast. They really nailed the atmosphere. I loved taking over these giant bases on mountainsides facing a desert, and then watching a giant sand storm roll in at the end. 24/03/2019 · Mad Max has always done it's thing; Waterworld is very much Mad Max set on the water. You kinda have to overlook the first three entries in the series to come to this conclusion. Although I wont fault you if you missed the guilty pleasure that was Beyond Thunderdome. MaxxPowerz, Mar 24, 2019.

If you like Waterworld you might like similar movies The Postman, The Time Machine, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Red Planet, Lost In Space. 2nd July 2012 - Mad Max: Fury Road has finally begun filming! It has also been confirmed that George Miller will no longer be shooting the film in 3D, opting for a post-conversion. The go-ahead on filming has been confirmed by co-star Charlize Theron's recent buzzcut for her role as Furiosa. Mad Max is a movie about a post-disaster world, and its success has inspired oodles of disastrously bad films. Witness Grade-Z movies so epically execrable that you’ll be. On m'avait vanté Waterworld comme étant un "Mad Max sur l'eau". En tant que grand fan de Mad Max, il était donc impératif pour moi de visionner ce film. Mais comme n'importe quelle film ressemble à de la bouse comparé au second volet de la saga de George Miller, j'ai regardé waterworld sans essayer de la comparer avec ce chef d-oeuvre de. Mad Max vs. Waterworld My Waterworld post seemed to stir something in one of my astute readers and to a certain extent I am ready to offer my apologies. Granted, Waterworld did not have a male rape scene as in Mad Max: Road Warrior and instead of a young Mel Gibson had Kevin Costner which is two large negatives already there.

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